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Make the most of your For The Record digital court recording system with our online, self-paced product training.

Whether you have new employees, your organization is upgrading to a new version of software, or your team simply needs a refresher, For The Record’s E-Learning is an easy way to get users up-to-speed, confident, and in control of your digital recording system.

For The Record’s video tutorials are available below. The courses cover all aspects of the FTR Gold product suite, such as how to record court sessions; create log notes; insert quick notes for common occurrences; save copies of recordings; and reformat and encrypt FTR recordings. 

FTR Player

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Engaging and simple online video tutorials 

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Video Tutorials

FTR Gold Recording Suite Version 7.

This course consists of the basic functionality of Reporter, Player and Manager, and teaches court staff, operators, and support personnel the minimum necessary knowledge they will need to capture and annotate audio recordings in the courtroom. The three courses have a total of 12 lessons.

Reporter V7 Overview

Recording Confidence Monitoring V7

Using Log Sheets V7

Reviewing Log Sheets V7

Using Quick Notes

Word List V7

Player Overview

Player Display Panel

Player Copy and Save

Manager Export Tab

Manager Import Tab

Manager Seal Tab

This course, for court and support personnel, focuses on the functions in Reporter that are not required to record and annotate, but contribute to efficiency and accuracy of recording and annotating. This course has a total of five lessons.

Saving Copies and HTML files

Merge and Filter Log Sheets

Using Log Sheets V7

Spellchecking Log Sheets

Tagging Hearings

This course targets Administrators of the recording software suite. Only users who have been granted Administrator privileges, such as IT staff, will be authorized to perform the functions shown in these lessons. This course has a total of three lessons.

Administrator Recording Options

Loss of Signal Detection

Creating Quick Notes Templates

FTR Gold Annotation Suite Version 7.

This course is for those who will be annotating recordings but not executing the recording. This course has a total of four lessons.

Log Notes

Review and Edit Log Notes

Using Quick Notes

Using The Word List