FTR RealTime

Leverage the advantages of a searchable, digital record of legal proceedings in real time.

FTR RealTime transforms the spoken word into text within seconds and delivers a searchable, written record of up to 95% accuracy to authorized participants in the courtroom and beyond. 

This automated, speech-to-text technology unlocks actionable insights within the record and provides unprecedented access for all court participants, both during and after legal proceedings. 

FTR RealTime’s sophisticated artificial intelligence platform maintains pace with the spoken word, even while processing accents, complex legal terminology, and people speaking simultaneously. It also precisely pairs text with audio and video recordings for verification, transparency, and further analysis.  

FTR RealTime is powered by For The Record’s Cloud Platform Solutions and has been developed specifically for legal justice settings to create efficiencies, enhance legal proceedings, and support access to justice. 

A laptop, tablet, and phone showing the user interface of FTR RealTime.


Enable real time access to a web-based transcription of legal proceedings for specific courtroom and remote participants

Review linked text, audio, and video for insights into tone and delivery

Store the record instantly and automatically in the cloud for future official transcription, review, or appeals 

Keyword or time-stamp based search functionality provides navigation

See how FTR RealTime can benefit:

Allows analysis of recordings and draft transcripts prior to sentencing​

Provides immediate playback for review of objections and testimony

Facilitates access to past cases

Offers instant, searchable text for review or read-back in court​

Overcomes barriers presented by acoustically poor or noisy environments​ and cross talk

Provides an opportunity to gather valuable intelligence​

Enhances judicial efficiency​

Enhances focus on proceedings by providing an annotatable record

Provides access to unlock critical insights for cross examination​

Links the courtroom to the offsite war room​

Grants expert witnesses access to the proceedings, enabling remote participation

Allows for compilation and comparison of expert witness testimony across cases​

Eliminates the cost of ordering a daily transcript or hiring a real-time stenographer​

Provides simplified online ordering of past transcripts​

Allows resources to be redirected​

Provides the ability to monitor multiple courtrooms at once

Speeds up processes overall​

Reduces backlogs

Modernizes court processes

Provides an on-demand accessibility option​

Enhances accessibility for people who don’t typically ​
request accommodations​

Does not isolate or separate people according to their needs​

Allows resources to be redirected​

Reduces costs 

Eliminates the need for expensive onsite storage solutions​

Facilitates quality assurance checks on hardware functionality in many courtrooms​

Reduces burden of IT work ​

Internal IT configuration is minimal ​

Insurance companies: Helps adjusters value cases; eliminates the need for prolonged civil trials​

Court reporting firms: Digital court reporters can use the feed to create a certifiable transcript ​(required in cases of perjury)​

Public: Reduces taxpayer burden by creating multiple process efficiencies and lowering the cost of producing a text record of proceedings; improves ease-of-access; increases transparency and open records availability​

Court reporters / transcriptionists: The technology fills need gaps, allowing them to be selective about cases​


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Provides an instantaneous, keyword searchable, rough draft

Records audio and video for live participation and future review​

Plays back content immediately, enabling quick follow-up and dispute resolution

Identifies speakers and attributes speech correctly when used with an FTR Smart Audio setup—even when participants are cross-speaking 

Facilitates remote participation

Stores records securely in the cloud, reducing courts’ onsite storage burden and facilitating simple, online retrieval

Processes dialects and complex legal terminology

Offers inclusive, instant access in the courtroom

Reduces costs associated with producing real-time and same-day transcripts

Mitigates logistical concerns associated with finding and hiring an onsite resource

Facilitates fast and accurate location of requested testimony for read-back to jurors and the judiciary

Offers visual verification of recording to increase comfort with digital methods

FTR RealTime

RealTime access. RealTime insights. RealTime advantage.

FTR RealTime is powered by

Cloud Platform Solutions.

Recording Vault simultaneously replicates digital court recordings into the cloud as soon as they are captured; guards them with industry-leading security measures; yet still makes them instantly and easily available to judges and court staff.

As the world’s first and only fully automated system for managing, ordering, delivering, and archiving transcripts, Transcript Express has recast and reformed outdated delivery of court recordings and transcripts.


Created specifically for the justice system, FTR Speech-to-Text syncs a rough draft of up to 94 percent accuracy with time-stamped audio/video. This combination enables faster retrieval and deeper understanding.

FTR RealTime

As a searchable, digital record of legal proceedings in real time, FTR RealTime offers inclusive, instant access in the courtroom and beyond; processes dialects, legal terminology, and overtalking; and provides actionable insights through the review of linked text, audio, and video.

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