FTR Express Access

Official court content management and ordering—automated and transformed.

FTR Express Access eliminates manual and time-consuming processes associated with locating, managing, ordering, and distributing official court content, such as audio/video recordings, certified transcripts, and speech-to-text rough drafts. 

This contact-free, online portal acts as a tool for workflow management, which encompasses:

Requests for court content 

Efficient and streamlined processing of requests 

Archival of completed transcripts 

Secure payments 

Access managed by courts

Allocation of transcript requests to transcribers and court reporting firms 

Powered by FTR Justice Cloud, FTR Express Access offers enhanced functionality for justice administration. 

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For The Record's Cloud Ecosystem, highlighting FTR Express Access

See how FTR Express Access can benefit:

Reduce backlogs with faster delivery of transcripts

Relieve time pressure on administrative staff by automating transcript production and official court content ordering processes

Enhance visibility over all previously manual processes, including cost estimates, invoicing, and archiving/retrieval of produced transcripts

Order online easily and securely from anywhere, anytime

Get real-time estimates of transcript costs

Securely track order progress and delivery


Easy-to-use interface streamlines the ordering process for official court content

Transparent cost estimates and payment process

Jurisdiction-specific metrics provide visibility into volume, monthly/annual revenue, and on-time delivery

Automatic bundling instantly delivers recordings and log notes to assigned court reporter or transcriber 

Simple upload and delivery process for transcript orders alerts court administration to review, approve, and process payments

Automated tracking of all aspects of transcript provision provides real-time status of orders and monitors user access of court recordings 

Streamlines communications between courts, transcribers, and ordering parties 

Ability to integrate with court managed vendors, including internal transcript providers, external providers, or a combination of both

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