FTR QuickDraft

The power of audio and text together.

Created specifically for the justice system, FTR QuickDraft bridges the gap between audio capture and certified transcript production via natural language processing artificial intelligence (AI).  

To increase the accessibility and searchability of official court recordings, this tool syncs time-stamped audio and video with a highly accurate (up to 95%), speaker-designated (up to 100% accurate) speech-to-text output.

Decades of digital court recording experience, plus patented and proprietary audio processing algorithms, form the foundation of FTR QuickDraft. This dynamic technology has the ability to process dialects, accents, languages, and complex legal terminology. 

Highly accurate rough draft transcripts unlock insights previously inaccessible in the vast amount of information embedded in recorded audio and video files captured by FTR Gold.

In circumstances where certified transcripts are required, FTR QuickDraft is a tool that court reporters and transcribers can leverage, ultimately expediting the production process. 

Powered by FTR Justice Cloud, FTR QuickDraft is enhanced functionality for justice administration. 

An infographic of For The Record's cloud ecosystem, highlighting FTR QuickDraft

See how FTR QuickDraft can benefit:

Easily search through audio to instantly pinpoint critical sections 

Significantly reduce costs and time spent preparing for next day proceedings with rough draft transcripts that are available before the end of the proceeding 

Draft transcripts are enhanced with context—the vocal tones and sentiment heard and seen in the audio and video recordings

Deliver faster judgements by reviewing testimony while in court

Focus solely on proceedings rather than on notetaking

Improved cost efficiency provides more affordable access to the court record for all users when compared to traditional methods

Speech-to-text-enabled courtrooms alleviate the burden on strained court resources

Fills the labor gap created by the stenographer shortage

Automatic availability for judges and easy online ordering for court users reduces the administration required 

Faster access to rough draft transcripts results in less delays for cases 


AI-generated rough draft is synced to time-stamped court audio and video

Keyword search eliminates time wasted searching for specific sections in audio and video recordings 

Enhanced searchability of recordings means playback of court audio is more efficient, ultimately resolving issues faster during proceedings

Aggregated search capability across a repository of court recordings

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