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For The Record Granted Patent for Blockchain Verified Recordings

Innovative use of blockchain technology secures highest level of recording integrity for court systems, public safety, and other governmental hearings

For The Record, the global leader in digital court recording, has been granted an industry-leading patent for verifying recordings using blockchain technology. The patent is a natural extension of and results from For The Record’s 25-year experience combining proprietary and patented technologies to ensure digital recording accuracy.

“As digital audio and video proliferate across all areas of justice and public safety, so do concerns around manipulation of that media as editing technology becomes more accessible and capable,” said Tony Douglass, one of the world’s leading experts in digital court recording and President of For The Record. “All levels of justice will need safeguards in place to ensure the integrity of original source recordings and blockchain provides a unique ability to immediately identify if recordings have been altered.”

With the award of this patent, For The Record will be unique in offering this critical component of security to original source recordings utilized throughout the entire justice system. Crucially, the authenticity of recordings can be verified against the blockchain’s immutable digital ledger over time, without revealing details of the recording.

“We look forward to partnering with justice and other government agencies worldwide to embrace this revolutionary technology for immutably safeguarding recordings,” added Douglass.

While For The Record has long been regarded as the industry standard in digital court recording technology worldwide, the patent now recognizes the company as the highest standard in verifying original source recording integrity.

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