Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Audio Recording and Certified Transcript Ordering.

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Pima County Superior Court Courthouse

Welcome to the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County digital content ordering portal.

All turnaround times and pricing are as per court rules.

Audio Recording.

1-2 business day turnaround

$35 per audio per order

Certified Transcript.

20% transaction fee for transcripts in addition to the following page rates:

11 Days and Beyond
$3.50 per page

4–6 days
$5.75 per page

Next Day Delivery
$7.00 per page

7–10 days
$5.00 per page

2–3 days
$6.25 per page

Same Day Delivery
$8.00 per page

Important information:


  • Terms and Conditions of For The Record services​
  • Any person may order the audio file of a hearing if a court reporter was not present. All criminal proceedings have a court reporter present, so no audio file is available. If a court reporter was present, please contact that court reporter directly for a transcript. If you do not know who the court reporter was, you will find their name on the minute entry here.
  • Audio files and transcripts of Pima County Juvenile Court proceedings are not available at this time
  • If you are eligible for a fee waiver, please have the approved form available before ordering. It will have to be uploaded during the ordering process