Patches now available to ensure compatibility with Windows and FTR Gold Suites

New patches are available for the FTR Gold product suites, ensuring compatibility with recent security updates to Windows 10 and 11.

These patches apply to FTR Gold Monitor v6.3 and all products across the FTR Gold Suites v7.0 and v.7.1. They include bug fixes and will ensure compatibility with Windows 10 and 11 operating systems by addressing the DCOM requirements of recent Windows security updates.

To view the latest patches, visit our product updates page.

Our development team run ongoing tests to determine compatibility with Windows updates, so please ensure you have the latest version of our software before upgrading your operating system. Click here to find out more about the latest versions of our Gold product suites.

Please contact our Support team if you have any questions about the latest patches or the compatibility of our products with Windows..

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