FTR Smart Audio

Crystal-clear courtroom acoustics and recordings.

Leveraging expertise in audiovisual technology and insights gained from more than 30,000 courtroom installations in over 70 countries, For The Record develops fit-for-purpose solutions for courts. 

For The Record’s Smart Audio sound design delivers crystal-clear sound within the courtroom and for digital recordings. Judges, attorneys, parties, digital court reporters, court monitors, and other court participants will hear every word spoken during proceedings, while audio captured for future transcription or playback will be sharp and intelligible. 


Hear the FTR Smart Audio difference.

Before For The Record.

With For The Record.

FTR Smart Audio is sound technology hard at work.

For The Record’s sound and technology engineers develop the most advanced solutions to negate environmental and audio distractions that can adversely affect the ability to hear.

That’s why our Smart Audio-driven justice solutions “hear” better than the human ear, recording exactly what is said without interference.     

We also combine strategically selected and positioned recording hardware with Smart Audio’s patented and proprietary software so our solutions:   

Optimize signal-to-noise ratio and eliminate distortionand reverb 

Increase intelligibility of the spoken word  

Reduce ongoing costs with streamlined fit-for-purpose court design 

FTR Smart Audio

Configurations of patented and proprietary software and hardware.

FTR Smart Audio creates courtroom acoustics that facilitate clear, natural, and comfortable communications between parties—and optimize the intelligibility of the spoken word.

Learn more about the hardware and software that work together to capture the court record.