FTR Player

Fast, accurate, and reliable audio/video playback and transcript production.

FTR Player is For The Record’s premier playback solution for transcribers and court reporters, and is now enhanced with improved features for those working remotely. 

FTR Player continues to preempt and meet the changing needs of courts operating in remote and hybrid environments. Our industry-leading updates and features give users total control of audio and video channels wherever they are working, facilitating more efficient and accurate transcription of digital court recordings.

New features for hassle-free and streamlined playback.

FTR Player’s increased audio-channel counts (now with up to 16 channels) gives users the ability to easily isolate each voice captured on the record. The four-channel HD video recordings provide visual context and cues to aid comprehension and transcription.

The latest updates to FTR Player provide: 

Improved buffering and performance—even during poor network connectivity

Automatic headphone detection and alerts that instantly notify the user if the sound card is muted or not installed 

Memory functionality which recalls last video window, position, size, and mode  

FTR Player


Never has a court recording been so accessible and intelligible, with crystal-clear HD, high-fidelity, digital court recordings available for accurate transcription, review, or appeal—or as a backup for court reporters. 

Access court recordings 24/7, from any location, on any device

Save on local storage costs, and shore up disaster recovery

Manage and monitor multiple courtroom recordings simply and remotely

People who use FTR Player can:

Isolate individual (up to 16) audio channels and (up to) four video channels to differentiate each speaker and comprehend every individual word 

Control speed, pitch, and volume of playback using foot pedal to understand every word, utterance, or pause—even if participants are talking over one another or joining the proceeding from a remote environment 

Identify specific portions of a proceeding instantly for review of audio or transcript, using FTR Log Notes and timestamp functionality 

Use Log Notes to check terminology and spelling of names, or set up reminders to aid the transcription process

Experience seamless playback, even during poor connectivity, thanks to improved local caching of files

Work remotely over WAN and VPN connections with seamless playback


FTR Player is the digital gold standard for transcribing court recordings.

Our team is constantly working to enhance the already outstanding
features of this industry-leading solution.

Up to four HD video streams—if video recording is captured using an FTR-compatible recorder 

Up to 16 high-fidelity audio channels for speaker definition and isolation

Interactive timeline finds required play time and range quickly

Channel isolation with current-speaker indication 

Independent volume, pitch, and speed controls per channel

Automatic pitch adjustment when speed is varied

Sealed and public session playback 

User-defined global keyboard shortcuts

Customizable USB-connected foot pedal controls. 

FTR Log Notes integration, as part of FTR Gold Annotation Suite bundle

Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatible  

Standard media-file compatibility— including MP3, WMV and WAV 

User alert if sound card is muted/not installed upon starting  

Local caching improves performance during poor network connectivity 

Choice to save file in multiple formats when in FTR Gold Manager, through Annotation Suite  

Constant content file saving—even during poor network connectivity. 

Memory of last video window position, size, and mode for efficient recommencement of transcription

Integration with For The Record server  

Automatic verification of setup guide prerequisites  

Timestamp search for portions of proceedings, as part of FTR Log Notes 

“I find FTR easier and more functional. FTR is much easier to load and the muting/channel selection seems easier to work.”


Audio Transcriber 

FTR Player

Further product information.

For further information, including quick reference, setup, and user guides, and minimum system requirements, please go to FTR Player Product Information.

What is the difference between
Player, FTR Desktop App, and FTR Web Player?

  FTR Player.

FTR Player is the gold-standard free player that accommodates a variety of uploaded file formats, including our proprietary TRM files. It is recommended for court reporters and transcription service providers and can be used on any device, anywhere, anytime. To maximize the benefits of FTR Player, we recommend capturing recordings using the companion program—FTR Gold Recording Suite. 

FTR Web Player  FTR Desktop App.

Our complimentary online FTR Desktop App is suitable for downloading and playing court recordings from For The Record participating courts. It accommodates recordings housed on For The Record’s Cloud Platform platform and works with Mac and PC devices. FTR Desktop App is recommended for court reporters and transcription service providers.  

  FTR Web Player.

FTR Web Player is for court participants who infrequently need to listen to, or review, court audio from a For The Record participating court. It is a free, browser-based player for quick and easy access to court recordings, ideal for attorneys, self-represented litigants, the public, and the media.  

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