FTR Recording Suite

The gold standard in digital court recording.

For  The  Record’s flagship suite of software tools for capturing and managing the court record sets the digital court-recording industry standard.   

FTR Recording Suite 7.7 continues to expand these industry-leading capabilities,
enhancing the live streaming functionality with configurability and improving the live listening and confidence monitoring experience for court monitors and court reporters working remotely.    

In the latest version, live streaming features have been enhanced to reduce networking overhead and provide a better live listening and confidence monitoring experience in FTR Monitor. Courts can not only directly stream the court recording to FTR Player in real time to any authorized user on the court network, but also choose how they stream the content.

This configurability for live streaming ensures courts have more flexibility to manage the requirements of modern proceedings and any potential connectivity limitations. As such, courts can choose to stream both video and audio, or audio alone, and they can choose between high or lower definition streaming depending on the network. 

Additionally, reduced delay and loading time within FTR Player provide a reliable live-listening experience, even during poor network connectivity.  

With HD video recording (up to 4 channels) from more non-IP video sources, 16 channels of high-fidelity audio, and the reduced bandwidth required to capture both, FTR Recording Suite is the comprehensive capture solution for courts committed to meeting demand beyond their traditional four walls.   


Capture every word and gesture with multichannel high-fidelity audio and HD video recording

Rely on improved video quality—now more crucial for remote and hybrid proceedings—from more non-IP video sources (e.g., webcams or USB cameras)

Locate specific portions of a hearing simply using the searchable, time-stamped Log Notes, which also highlight information such as appearances, spellings, and key terminology

Manage court recordings with secure storage and advanced access settings in line with department and jurisdiction policies

Experience smoother playback, even during poor network connectivity, with background buffering—especially beneficial as more people work remotely over WAN and VPN connections

Interface with your court’s case management systems

Choose from a wider range of networked and USB audio/video interfaces

Upgrade simply thanks to retention of configuration settings from previous versions


Direct, configurable livestream (within the court network) of audio and video in a WAN, VPN, or VDI environment

Converts Zoom recordings from .m4a to .trm format in FTR Manager 

⁠Supports displays with a resolution of 1024×600 for Touch View 

Improved live listening and monitoring confidence for remote users

16 high-fidelity audio channels—the number considered optimal for isolating voices for cost-effective, fast, accurate transcription

Multichannel HD video enhances recordings from non-IP video sources (e.g., webcams or USB cameras)

Adjustable frame rate and upgraded codec for non-IP video sources increases video capacity

Background buffering/caching improves playback during poor network connectivity

Blackmagic DeckLink PCIe and Mini Recorder cards are supported

Group policy allows user to easily manage access to recordings

For The Record Select Certificate app digitally certifies recordings to increase security

Improved installer simplifies upgrades by retaining configuration settings—such as admin, audio, and video—from currently installed Recording Suite

Searchable, time-stamped Log Notes finds information such as appearances, spellings, and key terminology

Advanced management of court recordings with secure storage and access settings in line with department and jurisdiction policies

Interface compatible with range of case management systems, and networked and USB audio/video interfaces

What’s included in FTR Recording Suite.

FTR Reporter is the gold standard for digital recording, capturing the highest quality audio and video.

FTR Manager enables easy management of content conversions, sealing / unsealing, and saving.

FTR Player is the gold standard for digital recording playback and transcription. 

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