FTR Annotation Suite

The gold standard in digital court recording playback, annotation, and management—critical to an accurate transcript.

Efficiently play back, annotate, and manage the digital record after it has been recorded with For The Record’s suite of annotation software.

With simultaneous playback of 16-channel high-fidelity audio and 4-channel HD video recordings from non-IP sources, FTR Annotation Suite delivers clear sound and vision for accurate transcription, review, or appeal—or as a backup for court reporters.

FTR Annotation Suite Version 7 provides seamless, uninterrupted access and playback with improvements to FTR Player and FTR Manager usability, even during poor network connectivity.

The latest version introduces the capability to convert Zoom recordings from .m4a to .trm format in FTR Manager and adds a number of functionality updates, including departmental support for all import tasks and new ingestion features in FTR Manager.

FTR Annotation Suite can also log important events, create quick notes, and insert time stamps as reminders for information such as appearances, spellings, and key terminology. Advanced features allow users to manage the record by exporting to other file formats and marking segments as confidential or sealed. The latest version adds a timeout to log sheet searching functionality within FTR Log Notes.

FTR Annotation Suite takes the guesswork out of locating, annotating, and managing critical moments for playback and transcription. 

FTR Gold Annotation Suite


Simplifies locating specific portions of a hearing with visuals and searchable, time-stamped Log Notes—useful for highlighting information such as appearances, spellings, and key terminology

Greatly improves the playback experience during poor network connectivity with background buffering—particularly helpful with the increase in remote work over WAN and VPN connections

Allows for total control of the recording with channel isolation and independent volume adjustment controls to aid in accurate transcription

Supports efficient transcription with expanded and simultaneous playback of up to 16 audio channels and four video channels


Expanded playback—up to 16 high-fidelity audio channels and 4 HD video channels simultaneously

Converts Zoom recordings from .m4a to .trm format in FTR Manager

Advanced ingestion and departmental support for all import tasks in FTR Manager 

Timeout in log sheet searching functionality in FTR Log Notes

Channel isolation and independent volume-adjustment controls to hear speakers clearly

Secure and configurable live streaming functionality enables remote court monitors and digital court reporters to simultaneously stream, record, monitor, annotate, and transcribe proceedings in real time, from anywhere on the court’s network

Automatic detection of Hyper-V Virtual Machine installation sets the video renderer to play back multichannel video recordings

Memory of previous window position, size, and mode

Group policy support allows management of user accessibility to log sheets and search folders

Background buffering—i.e., read-ahead/caching—improves playback during poor network connectivity

Single zip-file export of system information rather than exporting a directory of files

More than eight audio channels support reformatting of .trm files

User warning system detects if sound card is muted/not installed upon starting

What’s included in FTR Gold Annotation Suite.

FTR Player is the gold standard for digital recording playback and transcription. 

FTR Manager enables easy management of content conversions, sealing/unsealing, and saving.

FTR Log Notes enables efficient annotations and links notes to a precise place in the audio and video recording.

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