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While FTR Reporter does the work of recording audio and video, FTR Monitor watches the recording activity, and remotely controls key recording functions on any of the connected PCs.


Key functionalities.

Improves live listening and confidence monitoring experience in a WAN or VDI environment by directly streaming the recording to FTR Player within FTR Gold Monitoring Suite 7.6

Reduces the latency and loading time in FTR Player during remote monitoring

Allows live streaming feature to be enabled during silent installation

Automatically detects installation on Hyper-V and sets the video renderer accordingly to playback multi-channel video recordings

Adds support for Windows 11

One person can start, stop, and play back multiple courtrooms—all without stepping foot in the courtroom

A single user can manage the recordings of one or many remote recorders from a single PC anywhere on the network

Recordings can be started quickly

Gives a complete picture of recording activity across the enterprise with clear, level indicators

Allows playback of recordings as they are made, using confidence monitoring to verify quality

Integrates Log Notes with annotations, including automated timestamps

Included with.

Minimum system requirements.

Operating system: Windows 10 and Windows 11

CPU (audio only): Intel Core i5 or equivalent with at least RAM: 4GB

Display: 1024 x 768 or higher

CD or DVD recordable drive or network for access to and saving of log sheets

More information.

FTR Gold Product Information.

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