Manager Product Information

FTR Manager enables users to easily manage content conversions and storage, and access For The Record content within seconds. Manager is automatically installed with all Gold suites.


Key functionalities.

Group-policy-driven user management enables control over individuals’ use of For The Record products, and locks down access to sensitive recordings

Decrypts and encrypts recordings and log sheets

Converts to WMA, WMF, MP3, AVI, single file (CM/ECF), or audio-only TRM formats

Saves content easily to CD/DVD or USB media

Archives, migrates, and restores content to/from CD/DVD or network

Provides ability to seal and unseal sensitive recordings—on the fly or after the fact

Included with.

Minimum system requirements.

Operating System: Windows 10, also compatible with Windows 11

CPU: Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent with 4GB RAM

1080p resolution, widescreen (16×9) aspect

Entry-level PCI-e graphics card, HD capable

CD or DVD optical drive for archiving or long-term storage

More information.

FTR Gold Product Information.

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