Meet our leadership team.

For The Record’s leadership team is united by a shared vision to improve access to justice.  

Our leaders are experts in their fields of technology, court reporting, audio engineering, justice administration, and business and financial management.

They inspire our wider team with their understanding of justice technology and their passion for and commitment to driving innovation and success in business processes, ultimately delivering results for our customers and partners. 

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Tony Douglass

Tony is widely regarded as a global authority in justice technology solutions and innovation. With a background in forensic/audio enhancement and authenticity analysis, Tony designed and installed some of the world’s first electronic courtrooms more than 25 years ago. Since then, he has continued to revolutionize the way court proceedings are captured, stored, managed, and shared.

At For The Record, Tony’s world-firsts include leading a team that patented the first AI multi-speaker identification technology for court recordings; registering patents for securing the integrity of digital justice recordings with blockchain; and conceiving the first web application for managing all aspects of the court recording and transcription process. Tony has led courtroom technology installations for more than 2,000 courtrooms across four continents.

Tony Douglass.

Chief Executive Officer

Jill O'Rourke

During a 16-year career in corporate finance, Jill has held senior executive level positions in many large, internationally recognized companies. Jill rejoined For The Record in 2020 and is leading the finance and strategy functions.

She has since developed comprehensive pricing models, re-engineered monthly reporting suites, and is responsible for ensuring ongoing compliance with all taxation and governance requirements.

Jill gained a dual Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern Queensland.    

Jill O’Rourke.

Executive Vice President – Finance & Strategy

Mahesh Rengaswamy

Mahesh is driven by a passion for harmonizing strategy and business operations to achieve customer success. His professional foundation is built on the importance of aligning a portfolio of technology products with professional services, ultimately adapting these products to customer-centric solutions that makes our communities stronger. His track record shows leadership with lasting and predictable results across various organizations and initiatives—including KPMG, BearingPoint, and Thomson Reuters.

While overseeing For The Record’s program management, engineering, implementations, and support services, Mahesh also works closely with leaders across all teams to ensure the strategy underpinning operations is aligned to business development and contracting goals, with a strong focus on our customers. 

Mahesh Rengaswamy.

Senior Vice President – Operations

John Doyle

John is an innovative software developer who conceives and builds revolutionary products and platforms that make procedures, workflows, and day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient for users. During almost 20 years in IT, John has worked with a wide range of global clients who appreciate his ability to quickly understand their operational challenges, create solutions to suit, and then explain highly technical concepts to them in layman’s language.

At For The Record, John oversees a large team of developers and designers who are building innovative software solutions that are modernizing courtrooms around the world. The team releases weekly updates to solutions such as FTR RealTime and FTR Justice Cloud.

John Doyle.

Senior Vice President – Product Development

Ben Paterson

Ben is acknowledged as a global expert in courtroom technology systems, processes, and training. For more than 20 years, he has supported some of the most advanced judicial facilities and systems around the world.

At For The Record, Ben leads a multi-disciplinary team of courtroom sound engineers and technology specialists. He has an MBA, specialising in project management, from Bond University.  

Ben Paterson.

Senior Vice President – Engineering & Innovation

Jessica Oey

Jessica is a purpose-driven and committed relationships manager whose 12 years of experience spans the banking, non-profit, and legal sectors. She is passionate about For The Record’s role in the justice sector and is highly regarded for her knowledge, strategic mindset, and problem-solving capability. As the head of the Customer Success team, Jessica is a dedicated advocate for customers. This role involves amplifying their voices in a structured feedback loop, while communicating For The Record’s updates and initiatives to ensure success for both groups. Jessica also heads up the Marketing team and is a driving force behind the marketing strategies and communication efforts that share For The Record’s mission and values and increase its visibility within the justice space. Jessica has a Bachelor of Mass Communications from the Queensland University of Technology and an MBA from the University of Queensland.

Jessica Oey.

Senior Vice President – Partnerships & Customer Success
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