Manage and monitor court recordings simply, remotely, and confidently.

For The Record’s monitoring solutions give judges, court administration, and IT departments complete confidence that each courtroom is operating as expected and required.

We have developed software that automatically detects and manages technical issues in advance; a platform that allows one person to remotely monitor multiple courtrooms at the same time; and instantly available and highly accurate speech-to-text transcriptions visible moments after testimony is given.

Our innovations allow court officials to trust the recording technology and focus on what they need to do—deliver justice.

Explore our recording monitoring solutions now.

Real-time transcriptions of court recordings.

After 30 years of innovation, For The Record delivers another industry first—a searchable, digital record of legal proceedings in real time.

An automated AI-driven platform, FTR RealTime generates text
transcripts (of up to 95% accuracy) of proceedings as they happen. The instant, on-screen text increases visibility of the recording process, providing confirmation that a court’s proceedings are being captured.

With quality transcripts accessible immediately in the courtroom, judges, attorneys, and other court participants are empowered to focus on proceedings. Text is synced with audio and video recordings for verification, transparency, immediate playback, and further analysis.  

FTR RealTime is the first justice-specific, on-demand, speech-to-text transcript solution of its kind.

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Remote management of multiple courts—from any location.

FTR Monitoring Suite streamlines and simplifies management of recording in multiple courts. One person can centrally monitor and remotely control recordings in numerous courtrooms, and across many courthouses.

From a single PC anywhere on the court’s network, a user can remotely start and stop recordings; monitor audio activity; play back content from specific venues; and create electronic log notes while listening to recordings—all without stepping foot in the courtroom.

Find out how FTR Gold Monitoring Suite can reduce the burden on court administration and IT personnel—and reassure all users that the digital record is being captured consistently.

Management and immediate playback of recordings.

Powered by FTR Justice Cloud, FTR Recording Vault is enhanced functionality for justice administration, allowing court users to quickly search and play back audio of court recordings—as soon as they are captured.

FTR Recording Vault integrates with FTR Gold Recording Suite and FTR RealTime to create digital records that are uploaded instantly to the cloud and can be accessed within seconds. Judges and clerks can check, seal portions of the record, or replay while still in the courtroom. IT and administration personnel can manage and monitor multiple courtrooms’ recording simply and remotely.

Find out about the additional benefits of FTR Recording Vault for fast, secure, and simple access and storage of digital court recordings.

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