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For The Record, the global leader in courtroom recording technology, announced that, a service for listening to and reviewing court recordings, will retire at the end of September 2022. This change comes as Amazon Web Services (AWS) phases out EC2, the platform powering this technology. FTR Recording Vault, a modern, cloud-based playback solution will replace and continue its legacy of advancing justice.

While has been used by many jurisdictions since its release in 2010, For The Record fully anticipates that judiciary and court staff will appreciate the enhanced functionality of FTR Recording Vault.

Introducing FTR Recording Vault
FTR Recording Vault streamlines court recording storage, management, and access. This technology protects the court record and supports productivity by providing immediate and secure cloud replication and playback of court proceedings—anywhere, anytime, and on any device.​


  • Access all court recordings anywhere, anytime, and on any device​
  • Manage and monitor multiple courtroom recordings simply and remotely​
  • Instantly seal or unseal portions of record​
  • Monitor usage and access to recordings
  • Organize repository by courthouse and courtroom
  • Use a keyword search to locate and access to log sheets, audio, and video recordings​