A group of people in a conference booth
A group of people in a conference booth

For The Record Unveils Reimagined Cloud Platform for Managing Court Records at CTC 2023  

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, September 15, 2023—For The Record recently unveiled a redefined cloud-based platform—FTR Justice Cloud—that will revolutionize the administration of, access to, and use of court records. 

Formerly known as Cloud Platform Solutions, the reimagined platform is the result of continuous product development and a push for enhanced structural clarity of For The Record’s cloud ecosystem.  

This continues For The Record’s 30-year track record of setting new industry standards for recording legal proceedings and managing official court content, including audio/video recordings, certified transcripts, log notes, and speech-to-text outputs. The announcement came at CTC 2023, the world’s largest court technology conference, which was held in Phoenix, Arizona this week.

Building on For The Record’s audio expertise, FTR Justice Cloud integrates with digital recording systems designed to capture legal proceedings. It features four cloud-based functionalities that modernize the workflow surrounding court records. While the technology measurably improves access to court records for all stakeholders, FTR Justice Cloud provides layers of safeguards and advanced security, including advanced encryption, digital checksums, and comprehensive system auditing. 

FTR Justice Cloud consists of: 

  • FTR Recording Vault, for the storage of and access to official court content; 
  • FTR Express Access, for the management and distribution of official court content; 
  • FTR QuickDraft, for the speech-to-text transcription of proceedings; and  
  • FTR RealTime, for the instant review of proceedings, enhancing the access to and usability of audio/video recordings with searchable live, multi-speaker designated speech-to-text output.

According to Tony Douglass, CEO of For The Record, “Court records are a foundational aspect of the legal system. After three decades working with courts around the world to capture and preserve these records, we have unique insight into the associated systems and challenges facing jurisdictions. We used this perspective to develop a cloud-based platform that holistically addresses how court records are processed, managed, and accessed. 

“Leveraging the four core functionalities of FTR Justice Cloud, courts can implement a solution that will modernize workflows and support their complex operational requirements.” 

To learn more about FTR Justice Cloud or even request a private demonstration, visit this page.

About For The Record 

For The Record is the global leader in digital audio, visual, and record-keeping innovations for the legal system. Over three decades, the company has modernized more than 30,000 courtrooms across 70+ countries. For The Record’s recent innovations include the world’s first cloud-based recording management system; an online transcript ordering platform; real-time speech-to-text transcription; and a virtual justice platform that observes traditional court protocols. With the goals of accelerating justice and enhancing accessibility, For The Record continuously develops new courtroom technology.   

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