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Sight of Justice.

For The Record provides transformative digital audio, visual, and record-keeping innovations for the justice system, legal sector, and law enforcement agencies.

FTR sight and sound of justice
Our solutions are practical. Our purpose is higher.

Modernize justice.

Our technology prioritizes accessibility, accuracy, efficiency, security, and transparency to aid in the modernization of justice around the world.

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Order a court record

Audio, speech-to-text, and transcript.

Access an audio/video recording with For The Record’s revolutionary Speech-to-Text technology or order an official transcript. Attorneys, self-represented litigants, journalists, and members of the public—this is the fastest way to access a court record. Check whether proceedings were held at a participating court, then order below.

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Fast certified transcripts

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Play court recordings

Audio and video playback.

FTR Play Record Upload

FTR Web Player.

Quickly play back any FTR recordings you have obtained from a court with FTR Web Player.

  • Fast and free to sign up
  • Play your court recordings on any device, anytime
  • No downloads or installations
FTR Play Record Gold

FTR Player.

Accelerate transcript production with FTR Gold Player, putting the transcriber in control.

  • Free download
  • Play audio and video
  • Audio channel isolation and foot pedal control
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Digital Recording Solutions.

For The Record is the global authority in modernizing court records through digital court recording. We provide transformative solutions that improve the accuracy and accessibility of the justice process.

Hear the difference

Crystal-clear courtroom acoustics and recordings.

FTR - Sight and sound of justice

Before For The Record.

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With For The Record.

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For The Record’s engineers are continuously developing the most advanced solutions to negate environmental and audio distractions that can adversely affect the ability to hear. Our justice solutions are designed to hear better than the human ear, recording exactly what is said.

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Start in your courtroom

Courtroom technology, design, and installation.

Every courtroom is a unique, complex, multi-speaker environment. For The Record creates informed and customized designs and installations that are fit-for-purpose—in each courtroom, in each courthouse, and in each jurisdiction—for today and the future.

  • Optimize signal-to-noise ratio and eliminate distortion
  • Increase intelligibility of the spoken word
  • Reduce ongoing costs with streamlined court design
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Record with certainty

Gold-standard recording software.

The path to the courtroom of the future is paved with For The Record world-firsts, including the world’s first justice-specific remote hearing solution in 2020. See the new standards we’re setting for courtrooms, interview rooms, remote hearings, and beyond—with FTR Gold suites and Virtual Recorders.

  • Capture a 100% accurate digital recording
  • Facilitate faster proceedings, reducing backlogs
  • Trust the world’s most-used court recording software

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Monitoring Suite


Annotation Suite


Interview Suite


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Cloud Platform Solutions.

Transform access to court records with groundbreaking technology.  For The Record’s new Cloud Platform Solutions—FTR Speech-to-Text, Recording Vault, and Transcript Express— integrate or work as standalone elements to store, manage, and deliver unprecedented access to court records. For users, think speed, accuracy, security, and efficiency like never experienced before.

The power of sound and text together

Desktop and mobile courtroom playback and speech-to-text pages

For The Record’s Speech-to-Text technology unlocks the insights within the court record quickly, reliably, and compellingly. Created specifically for the justice system, FTR Speech-to-Text syncs a rough draft of up to 95 percent accuracy with time-stamped audio/video. This combination enables faster retrieval and deeper understanding of the record, enhancing access to justice.

  • Search through audio to instantly pinpoint critical sections
  • Reveal not just what is said but how it’s said—in tone and sentiment
  • Significantly reduce cost and time preparing for next-day proceedings

Court storage and playback

Page excerpt of recording vault and activity log

Access court records like never before. Recording Vault simultaneously replicates digital court recordings into the cloud as soon as they’re captured; guards them with industry leading security measures; yet still makes them instantly and easily available to judges. This level of automation, access, and audit control is already the new standard for justice.

  • Access anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • Save on local storage costs, and shore up disaster recovery
  • Manage and monitor multiple courtroom recordings simply and remotely

Automated transcript management and ordering

Transcript orders overview dashboard page

Everything about For The Record’s Transcript Express platform is transformative. As the world’s first and only fully automated system for managing, ordering, delivering, and archiving transcripts, Transcript Express has recast and reformed outdated transcript and recording delivery.

  • Accelerate court recording and transcript processing
  • Automate all manual steps, including cost estimates and invoicing
  • Simplify ordering for public users, including automated archiving
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